Hair loss is difficult – but you can regrow lost hair. Read on to learn how – and to get a 15% off discount too! 

Hair loss in women can be traumatic and emotionally difficult. Propecia (Minoxidil) works to grow hair but some, like me, may have adverse effects from it. (I am allergic and it itched and burned my scalp.)

But, before you despair, there is something else on the market that has been proved to grow hair. In an independent study of the iRestore helmet, a noninvasive, FDA cleared device that utilizes low level light therapy, 100% of users were found to have grown hair. That’s right – 100 percent!

I am documenting my own hair growth journey with the iRestore Hair Growth System. You can read about it here, here, and here.

Watch my video here. 


And, in a very generous offer, iRestore is giving the readers of 15% off the iRestore Store. Visit the store here, and, at checkout, use the code EB15.  


And, heads up, you can also WIN PRODUCTS by visiting

I call that a win/win.


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