Chest WrinklesListen up ladies. Today I’m going to talk about breast wrinkles. You heard me – and we all know someone who has them. The first time I noticed them on my very beautiful (and very vain) friend, she was wearing a low cut top and pointed them out. She said she’d been waking up with breast wrinkles for years. They used to go away as the day wore on but now are more permanently etched into her chest. She was obviously self-conscious and, shortly after our conversation, started to wear  higher cut tops, even in summer.

A recent email about a product called Intimia® made me not only think about my friend’s chest wrinkles; it made me run to the mirror to check out my own cleavage.

Intimia is a breast pillow, or specialty bra, as it’s described in the website’s FAQs, that provides breast comfort and support while helping to eliminate chest wrinkles. It was designed by Irene Komsky, a cosmetic nurse whose patients felt self-conscious about their chest wrinkles. Chest wrinkles occur when we sleep on our sides, explains Komsky. Intimia keeps the breasts separated, regardless of the sleeping position, preventing new wrinkles and  easing existing ones. Komsky says Intimia also provides comfort to women who’ve had breast surgery, breast-feeding moms and women with tender breasts.

I sleep on my back and barely move all night – but you know I was going to try Intimia, right? Of course! The company sent me a free Intimia for review. I am going to be completely honest with you. It looked foreboding. It felt firmer than I’d expected. I’m supposed to wear this to bed? I was wary. You know the famous Marilyn Monroe quote “What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course!” Well, I get that. I always put on perfume before bed and sleep in only that, a necklace and a couple of bracelets. I can’t even sleep unless my hair is tied on top of my head and out of the way of my face and body.

Here’s a picture of the Intimia.

Intimia Breast Pillow
Intimia Breast Pillow


Kinda like armor right? But I figured I could give up a night’s sleep for you, EBers.

So, how do you use Intimia? Place the straps over your head and arms and adjust them so that the pillow is snuggled comfortably between your breasts. Go to sleep.

I’m not going to lie to you. Intimia looks weird, kinda like a chastity belt for your breasts, except that your breasts are completely exposed and snuggled by this gold pillow. (I am not going to tell you my husband’s reaction to it. I couldn’t make his words out anyway, what with all the laughing … )

I was concerned that Intimia would keep me up. Nope, I slept fine. I was concerned it would be warm. Nope, didn’t really notice it. I thought it would be itchy, since practically everything I put on my body is itchy. It wasn’t. So, I slept through the night, on my back as always and woke up in the exact same position. Frankly, I’m probably a bad choice to review this product because I sleep like a mummy. I also don’t have breast wrinkles so can’t tell you whether or not they were less pronounced after a night with Intimia. What I can say is that it was comfortable and I can understand the benefits of it. I think.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the website. Here’s the link:

Intimia sells for $59.95 and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.



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