I haven’t done this in a while. I guess not much has been ticking me off lately, politics aside. But give me a minute to think of things, apolitical, that peeve me. It shouldn’t take too long to think of one or two. Ok, here we go …

Pet Peeves
Sophie Coton, chilling, on a perfectly lovely day.

This literal pet peeve involves my pup, Sophie, an 8-year old Coton de Tulear who just recently became terrified of thunderstorms. Nothing I do helps her stop shivering and whimpering when the thunder rumbles. If anyone has any ideas to help her, I’m all ears.

Having to clean my washing machine. Isn’t that the machine’s job, inherent in its name? It peeves me when I go to do a wash and the “clean machine” light is on. I get even more peeved when I don’t have any more of those washing machine washing cubes of whatever they are. Soap? I mean, why? Don’t I add soap each time I do a load of laundry?

Having to wait for more than half an hour in a doctor’s office. I understand the concept of having to wait while the doctor tends to other patients. But, more than half an hour is not right.

Hard plastic packaging that makes it almost impossible to extricate the contents without slicing a finger in the process.

People who don’t leash their dogs or who use extension leashes and allow their dogs to walk 10 feet away from them in the street while they walk safely on the sidewalk.

The fast forward function on my TV’s remote control that forwards way into the DVRd show I’m watching as I try to skip past the commercials, forcing me to have to rewind. And then, yeah, it rewinds way past the show into the commercials making the entire process futile and a waste of time.

Commercials, especially the ones for, um, hygienic wipes (is that delicate enough?) and toilet paper. There must be a less insulting way to advertise these products. I hate those damn bears and that woman who waylays people in the mall and asks them to use whichever brand of wipes she’s selling when they go to the bathroom? Ugh.

Pumps on liquid foundation that break before the contents of the bottle are emptied, forcing me to throw it away before I’ve used it up. I won’t name brands, but I’ve had to throw away the last three bottles of foundation because of broken pump mechanisms. I’m switching brands. Suggestions are welcome.

Shedding cats. Ha, another literal pet peeve! I love my cats but they are shedding so much, I can make another cat out of the fur on my furniture and clothing.


Pet Peeves

Candy Crush Saga. Over the years, I have downloaded and deleted this app at least a dozen times. I am currently in a deleted phase but I feel it calling me. But, please, creators of this bazillion dollar app, can’t you include an “undo move” button for us frustrated players? That would be very nice. Thanks in advance.


Emails that use phishy subject lines to get me to open them and include my personal information. On the other hand, I’ve won the Irish Sweepstakes a dozen times, have several  rich benefactors in Nigeria who’ve left me more than $25 million and I just found out that I own a castle in Glasgow. All I have to do to claim it is to send them my social security number.

Gaining weight.

Not sleeping.

Spiders that decide they want to live inside instead of outside where they belong.

Spiders that escape from the paper cup and postcard that I use to capture them and bring them outdoors – where they belong.


TV commercials that get louder than the show I’m watching, forcing me to turn down the volume so that when the show comes back on, I can’t hear it. (This is especially true for any show featuring Kiefer Sutherland who always whispers his lines. Sorry, Kief, but it’s true.)

People who leave their dogs outside in a thunderstorm. (As I write this, my back neighbor’s dog is barking his head off and it’s thundering like crazy.)

Bathing suit shopping.

Jeans shopping.

Bra shopping.

Shopping for a special occasion outfit. The only kind of shopping I like these days is for jewelry and handbags.

Hm, I guess I am pretty peeved after all. There’s more, but I’ll save them for another post.

Have a pet peeve of your own? Share, please. Misery loves company.


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