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End Necklace Tangle with The Necklace Saver


One of my pet peeves – and I admit I’ve got a lot of them – is tangled necklaces. You know the scenario: you’re finished dressed and, to complete your outfit, you reach for a necklace in your jewelry box or drawer only to find that it’s tangled up with one or two other necklaces. There’s never enough time to detangle the mess but still you try and end up knotting them further or worse, breaking one of more of the necklaces entirely. It’s frustrating, to say nothing of the cost of repairs.

But, I found a product that will eliminate necklace tangle forever. It’s called The Necklace Saver® and is so simple and elegant, I’m a little miffed that I didn’t think of it myself. Basically, the necklace saver is a transparent length of pastel organza into which you slip your necklace and fasten its clasp. Tie up the ends of The Necklace Saver and, voila, you have a pretty little tangle-free circular pouch that you can slip into your jewelry box, jewelry drawer, handbag or suitcase for tangle-free travel. The Necklace Saver is available in 2 widths and 2 lengths to accommodate most necklaces.

The Necklace Saver retails for $6.95 (buy two or more for $6.47 each) and can be purchased online at

The price is so friendly, I’m going to stock up and organize my jewelry box once and for all. It’s such a great product that, whenever I give a necklace as a gift, I’m going to present my recipient with The Necklace Saver too. Plus, a portion of every sale is donated to orphanages around the world.

Whew – I can check one pet peeve off my list.

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