New York Fashion Week 2013: Snow and Stilettos


New York Fashion Week 2013

It’s Day Two of New York Fashion Week and the blizzard Nemo is predicted to bear down on NYC and drop a foot of snow. Of course, the weather changes with the wind and the storm track is variable, depending on to whom you listen, but all of the predictions I’ve heard for Nemo have been dire. High winds, icy rain, puddles and snow. Perhaps a whole fricking lot of it.

So far, the shows are proceeding as scheduled with the exception of Marc Jacobs who has moved his Marc Jacobs Collection show from Monday, February 11 to Thursday, February 14 due to delivery issues. Some of the shows scheduled for tonight include Tommy Hilfiger, Nicole Miller and Charlotte Ronson. Ruffian, Lacoste and Jill Stuart are scheduled to show Saturday morning.

The snow is the talk of Fashion Week. Designers are concerned about their collections and accessories – if they’re not in NYC by now, will they get there in time? Models are concerned about getting from show to show in trying conditions. Editors and photographers are concerned about getting into town, getting around town and, of course, everyone is worried about their shoes.


Fashion Week 2013 Accessories,
Fashion Week 2013 Accessories

But fashionistas are a hardy bunch. (Don’t let the peplum dresses and stilettos fool you.)   New York Fashion Week is in September and February. Oppressively hot and humid conditions are the norm for the former and snow is not uncommon during the latter. I remember cursing Mother Nature whenever she dumped snow in February as I made my way around the city. This past September was the third hottest on record and it was often impossible to find a cab.  My feet were so mangled from walking from show to show or subway to show in heels that I couldn’t even slip them into a pair of high shoes. I wore flip flops on my way and comfortable (read “sensible”) flats at the shows. And, yeah, I cared. While Fashion Week is about the designs and the designers, it’s also about the attendees. Photographers are everywhere and it’s kind of fun to be asked to have your photo taken because you look stylish. (Some meaner publications and sites also show photos of “what not to wear to Fashion Week.” It’s not nice, but it’s part of the deal, I suppose.) Having your photo taken at Fashion Week has become something of a game and people who have nothing to do with the industry are donning their most stylish (or, in some cases, outlandish) outfits and showing up outside Lincoln Center in the hopes of being photographed “at Fashion Week.”

Well, the shows must go on, blizzard or no blizzard. But, if Nemo happens as predicted, I’m wearing snow boots. I learned my lesson the last time.

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