Fashion is art …


Fashion is Art. Image from Isabel Marant art fashion film, Vis a Vis
Image from Isabel Marant Art Fashion Film, Vis a Vis

What is the definition of art? The answer to that question is so broad, perhaps I should ask it this way: What is YOUR definition of art?

For me, it’s something that stirs my soul and my senses, makes my heart beat faster and makes me catch my breath. It can be satisfying or frustrating. It can cause me to react emotionally or cerebrally – but it always gets a reaction. Art is something that is created from nothing more than a thought. It can be a painting, a musical composition, a photograph, a film, a building, a book or a piece of furniture. It can even be a dress. Oh yes, it most assuredly can be a dress.

Here, a short film produced by designer Isabel Marant and featuring her fashion. It’s directed by Skye Nicolas and also features the artwork of Marko Velk. The dark, haunting and beautiful images are the artistry of Kevin Schaefer, director of photography, who has worked with my daughter, Victoria Riess, and who gave me permission to use this evocative video.




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