G Mele Anti-Aging Hair Care SystemAs a resident of the Philadelphia area and former fashion editor of Philadelphia Style Magazine, I am intimately familiar with Giovanni & Pileggi, a trendsetting hair salon in the fabulous Rittenhouse area of the city. Owner and artistic director Giovanni Mele co-founded the salon in 1997 – and the accolades followed. Today it remains a bastion of style in a city that holds its own when it comes to fashion and beauty.

Weeks ago, I received an offer to test the G Melé® Anti-Aging hair care system and was sent samples for free. But because I was in between hair appointments for color, I wanted to wait to try the products until my hair was freshly colored and cut.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that my hair is considerably less than perfect. It’s fine and it’s flat and, on certain days, especially a couple of weeks after I color, it’s dull. And while it takes a curl and has great body when I’m in the styling chair, my hair deflates within an hour after leaving the salon, regardless of how much product is placed in it. I find that, as I age, my hair defies my styling attempts more and more. I suppose that I am not alone.

Your hair ages like the rest of your body, but aging can also be caused by the things we do to our hair. Coloring, styling with hot tools, chemical straightening treatments, stress and sun exposure can cause hair to age prematurely.

The G Mele Anti-Aging system is a proprietary formula for hair that makes it look more vibrant. According to a company spokesperson, with use, hair becomes softer, shinier and more manageable in two weeks or less. The system is specially designed to replenish essential nutrients that are removed from hair over time and through wear and tear. Research shows that protein levels in the root of aged hair has decreased. This lack of proteins and lipids causes hair to appear dry, dull and lifeless, and feel brittle and fragile; it can also lead to thinning or loss of hair. The G Mele Anti-Aging system is specially designed to replenish lost proteins with natural sugars, which add moisture and restore lipids. All G Mele  products are sulfate-free and contain anti-oxidants to protect from environmental factors such as sun damage and pollution. Overall, the G Mele  Anti-Aging products soften, add shine and manageability, and preserve pigmentation in both natural and color-treated hair. The G Mele system includes three core products: G Mele Anti-Aging Shampoo (300 mL), G Mele Anti-Aging Conditioner (300 mL) and G Mele Anti-Aging Styling Foundation Prep Spray (200 mL).

I’ve been using the G Mele Anti-Aging system exclusively for the past few weeks. Around this time in my coloring schedule, my hair would start to look dull. It doesn’t. It would start to look lifeless. It’s shiny, has held the color and, happy day, it responds to my styling cues.

The process is simple. I wash, condition and then spritz my damp hair with the G Mele Styling Foundation Prep Spray and then style as usual. Since beginning with the G Mele Anti-Aging system, my hair has retained its style and hasn’t limped out on me during the day. I still use a volumizing spray on my roots, but that may simply be out of habit versus necessity. (I’m loathe to skip it, so I cannot honestly say.)

On another personal note, I don’t want my hair to be any softer than it is. For me, softness equates to limp, flat hair. Not a good thing. So although the G Mele Anti-Aging system purports to make hair soft, it does not make my hair overly soft so that it just hangs limply from my head. (I once tried another anti-aging shampoo that left my hair so soft and devoid of body I threw it away after just a few washes.)  With G Mele, my hair retains body and shine. I’m happy.

G Mele products are available at Giovanni & Pileggi salon, located at 256 South 16th Street in Philadelphia, PA and at Look for Giovanni Mele this winter when he debuts his products on QVC.

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