I was talking with a girlfriend this morning and we were bemoaning the current states of our hair. I’m totally ready to try something new at my next hair appointment. I always feel that way around this time of year. Maybe it’s the upcoming holidays and parties that make me want to spruce up my look. Maybe it’s boredom. Either way, I’m ready to rock a new lock, er, look. I’m thinking more layers, maybe a few face-framing highlights to remind me of the summer sun. Hm, maybe not. But it’s definitely got to be as close to wash and wear as my waves allow.

Following, noted New York stylist and creator of Rahua (pronounced ra-wa,) a line of 100% natural luxury haircare formulated with a highly potent, restorative oil, Fabian Lliguin, shares his tips to get the most out of your hair appointment …

1. Do your research; find a reputable salon with an excellent training and education program.

2. If your budget allows, make an appointment with the head stylist.

3. Come in with your hair dry and in its natural state. This helps the stylist see your “true hair” (wavy, straight, etc.) and will help him or her best determine the cut.

4. Be prompt. Arriving on time allows for a full consultation prior to the shampoo and cut. If you show up late, you may be rushed straight to a sink.

5. Don’t be shy; ask the stylist questions during your consultation. Some top questions to keep in mind: is my hair suited for this cut or style; will this be easy to maintain; how will the natural hair growth process affect the look?

6. Do your homework. If you have a specific cut or style in mind, [say similar to a  celebrity or public figure] bring a picture with you. The stylist may have some tips to alter it for your face or hair type, but it provides a jumping off point to insure you’re happy with the end result.

7. Practice makes perfect. Ask your stylist for a tutorial during the blowout process so you can replicate it at home. Pay attention to the products used and feel free to ask if there’s a less expensive version that does the same thing. Sometimes salons have certain products they are required to push.

8. Relax and enjoy. This time should be all about getting away and pampering yourself.


Rahua Collection
Rahua Collection

About Fabian Lliguin and Rahua

For centuries, women from the Quechua-Shuar tribes traveled deep into the Amazon rainforest to prepare a potent, restorative oil they call Rahua believing it to be the secret to their lustrous hair. In the 1990s, they shared Rahua’s power with New York stylist and colorist Fabian Lliguin, a native Ecuadorian of Quechua descent.

Lliguin tried Rahua on his own clients’ hair and saw that dry, damaged strands were renewed; color treatments remained shiny and true and irritated scalps were soothed.

The key to Rahua’s performance is its molecular structure. Unlike other botanical oils that simply coat strands, the extraordinarily small Rahua oil molecule penetrates the hair’s cortex, bonding and repairing it, while simultaneously smoothing the hair’s cuticle.

To book an appointment with Fabian, contact: Cocoon Hair Studio, 318 East 70th Street, Garden Level
New York, NY 10021, (212) 879-5630.