Share Perfects Your Photos for Free

We’ve all had unflattering photos taken of ourselves and some of them have even been posted on social networking sites for the world to see.  (Note to social network users:  Please do not post photos of others without their permission first.  No one wants unflattering photos of themselves floating around on the internet.  Really.)

Unfortunately, while we can’t control what others post, we can now ensure that the photos we post reflect our best image.  No, I’m not talking about hiring a professional photo retoucher or investing in and learning to use expensive computer software.  Now there’s a FREE website that will retouch your photos in a couple of easy steps.  It’s as simple as uploading a photo and clicking “OK.” uses face detection and correction technology by Lucand to remove blemishes and smooth your skin, eliminate red eyes and auto-correct colors to make your picture the best it can be.  You can then save your retouched photos to your computer, repost to Facebook and other social media sites – and no one will ever know your secret.

Here is one example of my Before (top) and After (bottom):

Even my puppy is pink before retouching got the red out and corrected facial colors

Check them out at: