Easy Does It …

Wacky weather notwithstanding, spring is here and, if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to get your warm weather wardrobe in gear.  For spring/summer, think easy-to-wear.  There’s nothing like throwing on one or two pieces and looking pulled together.  To achieve that aim, here are five fashion trends that will get you through the easy, breezy days of spring and summer.

Fashion Trends Spring 2010
DIANE von FURSTENBERG “Renegade” Parachute Sportswear Jumpsuit, $398.00. from

Jumpsuits – I’m serious.  When jumpsuits made their debut this time around I thought there’s no way I’d be caught dead in one.  But it’s such an easy way to dress – throw one on, pair it with heels and you’re done – a jumpsuit is practically irresistible.   There are so many incarnations of jumpsuits on the racks from evening looks to daytime casual, that you’re certain to find a style that works for you.  This one, by Diane Von Furstenberg, is one I like and it’s available at Bloomingdales.

Fashion Trends Spring 2010
MICHAEL Michael Kors Habutai Shirtdress, Gunmetal, $149.50. from

Shirtwaist Dress – I groaned when I saw this style on the runway and in stores.  I simply cannot rock the shirtwaist dress and feel feminine or pretty.  This style comes and goes and comes again and I pass each time.  I always feel dowdy, unattractive, older than my years, so no thanks.  But Michael Kors‘ interpretation of the shirtwaist has changed my mind about the style.  It’s cut perfectly, defines the waist while hiding other flaws, is the right length and fabrication and makes me feel like I should be lunching at a country club.

Leggings – While you might want them to go away they’re here for another season or two, at least, and, if you haven’t worn leggings this time around, try a pair.  They’re a great wardrobe booster, can be dressed up or down and are incredibly comfortable. Pair them with a tunic top and cage shoes and they’ll take you to dinner.  Leggings with flats are chic for running through your busy day.  For another casual spring look, top leggings with a long tank and a flyaway cardigan for an instant ensemble that is casual yet pulled together.

Fashion Trends Spring 2010
OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

Bright Nail Polish – Brights are right for spring 2010, but I’ll pass on all the variations of turquoise, leaving those to my daughters and women who are younger than I am. Right now, my favorite color is OPI’s Red My Fortune Cookie from their Spring/Summer Hong Kong Collection.  I love this red. It’s not too orange; it’s not too blue. It is the perfect shade of tomato red and will flatter most skin tones.

Fashion Trends Spring 2010
Boutique 9 Cage Shoes, $169.95. at

Cage Shoes, Clogs and Platforms – That’s really three styles.  Pick one.  Or two.  I’m opting for platforms, cage shoes and, yeah, I bought two pairs of clogs. While I’m not exactly certain how to wear them, it won’t be with delicate, floral dresses as shown on the Chanel runway.  (Did I just dis Karl Lagerfeld, He Who Never Makes Style Mistakes?  I will find a way to repent.)

What fragrance to wear with all the trends, regardless of the season or time of day?  My pick is Chanel No. 5 for its timeless deliciousness that neither overpowers nor whispers.  It’s perfection.  (Penance done.)